Maybe it's called Sidek serve because people did not know anybody using it before. From what I have seen on TV before many time the Sidek brothers playing. What is called the Sidek serve is not much different from Tang XinFu's spiinning serve. Both coincidently have the shuttle upside down and even the motion to strike and the way the shuttle is held is very similar.

I am not a professional player, far from that level, but I used to be able to consistently deliver my spinning serve. I can even tell you before I serve what spin pattern I would put in it. All learn from my coach.

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He taught his brothers to use it. Maybe some have used it before Misbun... but i don't think people call it Sidek serve for no reason. And its not easy to consistently serve the shuttle any target you want it to land. And i think Misbun manage to do it his own way.