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    Default Yonex Clothes Size Guide Needed!

    Hi to anyone

    I was thinking of placing an order at for some Yonex clothes [shirts, shorts and warm-up trousers] but I realised I had no-idea what sizes I needed to order.

    I didn't find the size guide very instructive on the website since given my height I could be in the O, XO or XL size categories for shirts but that's because I'm tall [182cm / 6 feet] yet the chest sizes don't correspond since [like most badminton players] I'm quite slim.

    Here are my sizes:

    Height: 182cm
    Chest: 95cm
    Waist: 79cm
    Leg length: 81cm [thats an inner leg measurement, i.e. I wear 'length 32 inch jeans']

    I'm also confused because here in the UK I bought a red Yonex T-Shirt size L but it's way too baggy on me! Yet these BBEshop guides don't indicate this.

    So: are Chinese sizes different to UK ones? [I kind of assume yes]

    Can someone tell me what sizes I should choose for shirts, shorts and trousers/pants from please?!

    Here is a link to the bbeshop clothes page! [size guide at bottom of page]


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    Asian sizes are smaller as European. My Height is 183 cm, but I have to wear "O" size, cos "L" is much too small. So u need approximatily the same

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