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Thread: Morten Frost

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    Is Morten Frost now back coaching the Danish team?
    He is sitting with the Danish team at the Thomas Cup semi-finals in KL.
    But I didn't see him on any TV highlights of the Olympics. Come to think of it, there wasn't much of Denmark at the Olympics.....

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    vince poon

    Default RE: Morten Frost

    Yeah, he does hangout with the Dainish team but I haven't seem him wearing the team uniform, so my guess is he is not part of the team. To me, it kinda silly if they hire Morten F because the Dainish team is doing lot better then the Malaysian team.

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    Hi Cheung,
    I'm a newcomer, hope u won't mind.
    About Morten Frost, I don't think he's joining the Danish team. It's b'coz I've came accross a report saying that he won't get involved in badminton field anymore after leaving the BAM. He's now in South Africa, doing some business I think.

    Another thing, what do u think about Malaysia's new Indonesian coach?
    Do u think he can really save our badminton squad?
    Anyway I really hope he can......

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    Default RE: Morten Frost

    I think so too.

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