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    Question Rational behind doubles back service line?

    Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but the search function doesn't seem to be working for me.

    Anyway, I've been thinking about why the doubles back service line is the inside line, not the outside line.

    Right now the pace of doubles is very high and I wonder if the pace would slow down if the doubles service line is the outside line.

    Also, would this make the doubles game more interesting?

    What do you think?

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    Moving the back service line for doubles would dramatically change the dynamics of the game. Receivers might be less inclined to stand forward to attack a short serve. If the flick serve was allowed to travel all the way to the back line, then many players would receive from a position further back -- putting less pressure on the server's short serve.

    The BWF considered eliminating this line as they were developing rule changes for rally scoring. I'm not too crazy about some of the service rule changes that they did incorporate. However, I am grateful that they decided to keep the doubles back boundary as it was -- it would change the game way too much IMHO if eliminated.

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