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    Default how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    hi all
    I've seen raq brand Hart at shop in thailand,the prize is very cheap (36usd for the top class) and nice-looking.Seller tell me it's made in japan,anybody know about the quality.
    very thank

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    Default Re: how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    I have seen one at my court and i dont remember the model number but i think it played really well.

    That guy was very effective with that racket and man he is a very different player after he broke his racket.


    Can u give me address of some shops and thier names with the amin guy in these shops if you are from Thailand.

    Hope this helps and i think byro had wriiten something abt this previously.

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    Default Re: how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    Brand new Hart Maestro Slim ( Slim 10 copy ) . Selling at Sg70 . Also have few new Olax racquet models . E-mail :

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