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    Default how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    hi all
    I've seen raq brand Hart at shop in thailand,the prize is very cheap (36usd for the top class) and nice-looking.Seller tell me it's made in japan,anybody know about the quality.
    very thank

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    Default Re: how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    I have seen one at my court and i dont remember the model number but i think it played really well.

    That guy was very effective with that racket and man he is a very different player after he broke his racket.


    Can u give me address of some shops and thier names with the amin guy in these shops if you are from Thailand.

    Hope this helps and i think byro had wriiten something abt this previously.

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    Default Re: how about racquet brand "Hart" ?

    Brand new Hart Maestro Slim ( Slim 10 copy ) . Selling at Sg70 . Also have few new Olax racquet models . E-mail :

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    good racket suitable for beginners. Very cheap and very forgiving for mishits, easy to use, and many have large head area.

    recommended as your first racket when you first play badminton

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