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    Default Fitness programme

    My dear friends at Badminton central, I am preparing for a tournament 100 days away.As I am not a very experienced player as well as I dont have a coach, I need some help from you guys.Could you please design or give me a very good physical training programme for three months ? I particularly want to strengthen my leg muscles and also other aspects.Note that my weight is 63 kilograms and my height is 5'2. So please help me friends, I am counting on you all.

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    To strengthen your legs. Leg Extension, Squat, Leg press, Lying leg curl, Hack squat and calf raise. Then, plyometrics to develop explosive movements. For more info or exercise about plyometrics, just goggle it.

    I never go solo before because i go to training almost everyday and a program is set for us. I can't really remember what i did, but i do know that our physical conditioning starts about 1 month before the tournament. We would do sprinting or running or plyometrics or a combination of those. Then afternoon , we will train our technique like playing pattern plays , shuttle drills and so on. 1 week before competition, we will just play games to stimulate the tournament.

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