Hi every one! U should know that there was no review about this NR500. UNTIL NOW I've spent days searching for it, u know, I wasted my time. So I write this review for anyone want to know about it, I just have bought it and tested it today Head light: 4/5 - it's a bit heavier than most of the Head light series -> smash: 7/10 - In my opinion, u can have good smashes just like when u use the even balance racket -> defense: 3/5 - not the choice for defenders Feeling: 4/5 - great -> control: 4/5 - not too bad Sweet point: 3/5 - I use the NBG98 string, a medium feeling one, so I don't know how it's will be with the others Conclude: it's not the best choice for every one but a great choice for anyone who want to find a mixed one between even balance series and head light balance series. Say, it's the best choice for me (Note: I love that blue ) ) ---please note that I'm not someone calls professional And I'm also not someone who writes racket reviews often But I'm someone that u can trust --- >> Hope u can find your suitable racket