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    Default Where can I get a Ti-8????

    I know they're discontinued, but I have one, but it's been through so much wear and tear that it will probably brake VERY VERY soon (a lot of chipped paint, dents...... scratches..... ).... HELP!!

    I'm in Toronto, Canada, so if you know anywhere I can get a Yonex Ti-8 (preferrably new), please reply!!

    btw, (sorry, I accidentally posted to equipment forums as well....)

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    Default Re: Where can I get a Ti-8????

    Can't help with a Ti8, but I have a used Ti6 in excellent cond for sale. Also, sell new racquets if interested.

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    Default Re: Where can I get a Ti-8????

    I know of one person selling this racquet, in newish condition. canadian version. asking $150 i believe. However, I am afraid he will ask you to pay for shipping.
    He bought it when he was sponsored by Yonex Canada, but he no longer plays competitively, and he has not used it.
    He has strung the racquet with bg66 purple strings, at 20lbs (feels like 25lbs)
    the plastic wrap is not on the handle from what I understand, but I will have to ask him for more details.
    Otherwise the only other solution I can suggest to you is to buy from Lee's badminton at $225, or some crazy price like that, but at least you save $20 for shipping. not sure if lee's sells sp, or canadian version though.

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    Default Re: Where can I get a Ti-8????

    Hey!, where is he located (just incase I can just pick it up or something)???


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