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    Default Badminton + politicians = Malaysian Heartache

    I was really looking forward to the New Year until I came across the above news.

    I can repeat again & again, until the day Malaysia separate politics from its sports i.e. badminton, we can only dream of winning that elusive Olympic gold and the WC.

    It is sad to see an opportunist like Zakaria Deros heading the SBA. This guy doesnt care about the game nor the players. All he is interested in is robbing the association.

    For a country with a sizeable talent pool, good following of the game, facilities and resources, Malaysia has yet to win either the WC or Olympic gold. And we should emulate the example of Denmark, who has won both titles.

    I hope we dont wake up one day to find Singapore, England, USA and Thailand have all moved ahead of us.

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    Dear BC members,

    We try to avoid political content on BC. Thus this thread is closed. Sorry to disappoint you on this. Comments on the matter can be directed to the blog.

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