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    Default Running exercises for badminton

    I did cross-country at my school.And I've heard that badminton is aerobic exercise,so I was wondering.To get better should I start doing windsprints and running miles to get faster and build endurance?Or should I stick to chasing after birdies my friend tosses back at me???Please help a beginner in need.

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    Badminton IMO, is anaerobic, not aerobic. It involves lots of very fast footwork, some sprinting, dives, etc. One of the most commonly done excercise for badminton is the shuttle-run.

    The shuttle-run is an excercise where you will have to sprint from the starting line ( lets call it line 1 ), to another line ( lets call this line 2 ), then lunge down and touch the ground, sprint back to line 1, and then sprint up to line 2 again, lunge, touch ground, come back, lunge, touch ground, and so on.. I usually do 8 and have a quick rest. Other than this, there's also the lunging excercise and squat-jump excercise done in the same way.

    Badminton is a fast sport, so you'll need to have the stamina to constantly sprint, jump, lunge, etc, but you shouldnt do slow, long-distance running because it's not really relevant to badminton.

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