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    Default Yonex ArcSaber 10's personal review from other person

    this is not my review, I get it from a Chinese forum.The author is also a tester for YY's new racket.

    这支拍的参数目前还在调整,昨天晚上有幸打了这支[拍,是YY公司发出来给经销商试打以便试探市场反映的DEMO拍,分别有两支,2U和3U各一支,上的是8 0线,均为24/26磅。总体感觉应该很多人会喜欢2U的,球拍不算硬,我个人认为硬度比9000差得比较远,抗扭力一般, 2U拍头重现象严重,我这样觉得TI10不重的人打过之后感觉手腕压力比较大,但是正因为是2U且头重,在 加线是新拉的,击球感比较实在,出球也算快速,但拉吊的操控性比3U差,而3U感觉上又是一支一般的球拍, 除了弹性比较好外,实在感觉不出其他太大的特点。
    而鉴于目前YY产品偏于追求力量与速度的风格,这个球拍的诞生也不奇怪,只是如果拿弓箭10谈手感,还是比 较不敢恭维。
    鉴于昨晚才试打,并且是冷灾后身体机能急剧下降的恢复期,因此体会仍不免肤浅,有机会将继续试打此拍,与各 位朋友继续交流

    Generally translating:

    YY sent this AS10's Demo Racket to tester for testing and collecting feedback. They are 2U and 3U with BG80 string and 24/26 lb tension. The racket is not very stiff where is much less than NS9K and the anti-torque is just okey. 2U's racket has a very heavy head, in author's personal view, people who has been used to Ti10 will feel lager press on their wrist....( I have no idea about translation of last part...sorry)

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    I will give the last part a try...

    Since it is a 2U and it is head-heavy, plus the fact that it was newly strung, the feel is solid when hitting the shuttle. The speed of the shuttle is reasonably fast. However, the drop shot control of the 2U is not as good as the 3U. In face, the 3U just feel like a normal racquet. May be more replusive. Nothing extraordinary on the 3U.

    At this point, Yonex is seeking for power and speed. So, there is a high possibility that this racquect to go on production. However, I have doubt on comparing this racquet to a bow.

    Then the author says that his physical condition wasn't that good when he/she tested the racquet. Therefore, the review may not be accurate, and the person will try the racquet again and share with the readers later.

    edit: God damn it... I am lucky that I did not pick trasnlator as my profession ROFL.

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