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    Default dirty and new over grip

    since, i like to use a double over grip.. do you guys think it would be allright to use the old dirty over grip as the 1st layer of overgrip and then add the new overgrip as the 2nd and outer layer?

    also, when i was un-gripping my will x-tra tack grip i noticed that the one side of it ( the side stuck to the racket) wasn't dirty and seemed tacky still. i was wondering if it would be okay to just turn it over and re grip it with he same grip, except the dirty side would be stuck to the racquet this time and the clean side would be the side that i grip.

    ahah i sound pretty cheap.. but i play a lot and my grips get dirty and worn out pretty fast and i don't have a job yet

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    you you can do that use old grips as undergrip for your racquet and put a new one over it. i do that all the time. as for reusing grips the other side of them thats deffinetly do able too i have done that before and it works just find you have to fiddle with it since it will be not as easy to wrap but its nothing hard since the grip wants to wrap the way its been wrapped for so long but you want it to strech/grip on a different angle etc. But yeah you can do both theres nothing wrong with it.

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