I'm a french Badminton player and I'm looking for a place to play Badminton for 1 year/season.

I'm still in France and I would like to live and work for 1 year in California. But as you know, it is difficult to find a job when you're not an american citizen!

I don't know if there're team events in the US but I would be glad to follow a team and spend a great living experience in USA, so if you're interested to help me in my job search, if you have any plans that could support my project, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you...

Information about me:
I'm 26
Ranked Top 20 (20th best players in France) in Single/double/mixed
Coach for 5 years of a national 1 team
Coach for 5 years for young players (all levels= national to beginners)
Experience as a seller for 2 years