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    Default Shuttle prices around the world

    I didn't want to hijack old (more or less death) threads about this just to ask a question, but I'm just wondering, what are shuttlecock prices around the world. Here in Holland most people use plastic, only those that play in the more national and interregional competitions use feather. And this mainly due to the price. But I know that in other countries everyone uses feather.
    Hence me wondering what prices around the world are, and even more, at what level playing with feather starts.

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    Hmm.. in Japan, it starts from around 2100yen ( yy rallymaster ) to about 4300yen ( yy new-official ), which is about 19USD to 40USD. But that's without the shipping fees and the tax/duty/customs charges/etc..
    And in NewZealand, most feather shuttles are around 30NZD per dozen, which is 24USD per dozen. Quite expensive.

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