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    Default Player looking for club!/Clubs looking for player


    I am i 26 years old guy frome sweden and i am looking after a club in europe, USA or in oceanien how whants a guy like me in there team.
    I play in the higest level i sweden and my team in the second division of the national leauge.
    I played i the higest division 2 years ago.
    I have played badminton since i was 4 years old, and i am left handed.

    Like to play all tree categoris but dubbel and Mixed Dubbel is my favorits.
    I am looking fore an adveture and i like to play in club with have a team i the national leauge or lower but not lower than second division.
    My sponsor is Babolat witch i have played with fore 3 years now.

    If you think this sounds intresting dont hesitate to contact me or make a post in this thread.

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