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Thread: Toronto ppl =)

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    Default Toronto ppl =)

    I wanna play more badminton before school starts again!!!
    anyone wanna play sometime/somewhere???
    i suck...and i'm NOT that Aaron guy at L'am you ppl have been talking about, although i've been too L'am once...i've seen some guy there smash really hard...invisible smash =b but unfortunately i'm not him =(
    anyways i'm really crappy and yea shaun can beat me in singles i think...
    so if anyone wants to play =)

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    Default Re: Toronto ppl =)

    aaron, i wanna play!
    lol. no, i cant beat u in singles anymore...i'm wayyyy too rusty...too obsessed with my mini z....and getting speeding tickets...sorry lol

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    Default Re: Toronto ppl =)

    i don't know you guys, but i want to play too!

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    Default Re: Toronto ppl =)

    yo! i'm up for it, i suck tho, it's all good.

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