League Notes
Welcome to Libra Badminton Season! This League will host teams in an 8 week season starting from Janí2011 in Abu Dhabi downtown. If youíre interested in the league Hurry up! This Season ends in Mar -11
About us
A group of badminton enthusiasts who are ANONYMOUS to each other but individually share a common passion for BADMINTON; we organize this league for the love of the game and its non commercial venture.
Session Date: 16íJaní11 to Mid- Marí11 -all weekdays
Session Time: 7 - 9:00 PM
Duration: Max 2 hours per day
Location: Khalifa City A
Facilities: Indoor Acrylic court
We are looking for people having fun and enjoy while playing the game. This league requires high level of fitness and commitments since its daily 2 hrs, so we expect at least intermediate level players.
Individual & Teams (We would help Individual if they donít have a team and would like to be placed on one )
Ladies are welcome if they join as a team
We allow corporate teams as well
Join us: contact Bi joy 050 4592375. (After 6 PM)
Fees can be discussed in person after viewing the facilities, as we said early itís a non commercial venture
Fees includes for playing 2 hrs daily on fixed time in the weekdays for 8 weeks
No flexibility in fees structure except if you join after mid league
  • A extra nominal charge will be collected for the birdie and utility expense
  • No fee concession for teams, fees is as applicable as Individual
  • Total payment in cash on first night of play
General Rules
  • Non marking sneakers only
  • Fighting/Serious Offence: 2 match ban for the players indicated by the League Captains, a repeat and the players will be disqualified
  • No Smoking: anywhere in the premises, teams will be disqualified if they don't respect this rule
  • Clear your garbage when you leave the field
  • Follow other basic rules of badminton
Letís enjoy some Badminton in Abu Dhabi