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    Question Help: did I do something wrong?

    Hey all,

    After being inspired by the work of BCers like Sir Dinkalot, I decided to buy a stringing machine.

    I finally strung my first racket, as shown in the picture. I was wondering if the frame of the racket is a little deformed on the right hand side?

    If so, what did I do wrong? is it due to uneven tensioning or something similar?
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    I think your racquet is deformed because your machine didn't hold the racquet tight enough...

    I just buy a machine and I've done 3 racquets today. 2 of them were deformed just like this, because I don't know how to adjust the machine...

    This is just my experience. Please advise me if I'm wrong...

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    I put your top picture in Paint, spun it around and drew a vertical line following the shaft - there is a slight lean to the right, as you said, but it's only about 5mm at the head. If this is a graphite racket the bend will come out anyway.

    As OC said, make sure your racket is absolutely symmetrical in the clamps before you put any string in. The clamps themselves should be only tight enough to stop the racket moving under hand action.

    If this is your first try it's better than mine was. Watch out for "smiley faces" (crosses that curve downwards) - it will cost you 10% of your set tension: straighten the crosses as you pull them.

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