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    Default Trion power feel 100

    TRION Premium String - Power Feel 100

    Materials from Japan
    Manufactured in Taiwan
    Thickness: 0.66mm

    I am a big fan of Yonex BG80 and I couldn't find any other string that could match BG80. Victor, NiLing, RSL, Ashaway,... they all make good strings but bg80 was the best. Maybe the weather? playing style?

    One of my friend hand me this new string I never heard before. So I didn't expect anything from this string. When stringing the racket, this string feels poly not like BG80 and quite easy to stringing.

    I strung my Zspeed with 23-24lbs, same tension as bg80.

    First impression was slippery and repulsive. Zspeed has small head frame and smaller sweetspot so it is not good for defensive plays. when it miss hits the shuttle flies half the court and 'bang'. Point lost. Whit this new string I could push shuttle further back of the court. Slice smash feels slippery that I don't get grippy feelings like BG80. For smashing, oh it produces good power shots. I really like it.

    Here are some photos

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