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    Dave B

    Default League in N.E. of UK?


    Does anyone know of a badminton league running in the North East of England - preferably withing Northumberland, but if not in the Newcastle area?

    I've been playing a few years with some friends and we now think we're up to a bit more of a challenge.

    Thanks in advance...

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    have you been to the BAofE site and looked at clubs listed there? Alternatively, suggest you contact the Badminton Association of England in Milton Keynes who may be able to provide you with etails of local league clubs.

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    Default Re: League in N.E. of UK?

    I play in the Northumberland leagues for a club called Elmfield. We play in Jesmond in Newcastle every Tuesday and Thursday, although we're just about to finish for the season. Most of the clubs are based in the Newcastle area, although there are ones at Hexham, Whitley Bay, Blyth and even down to South Shields. I'm sure there are also quite a few other clubs around in the area that I don't know about.

    There are also a few clubs that play in Morpeth but I'm not sure if they play competitively. I'm not too sure about the rest of Northumberland. I think most of the competitive clubs are based around Newcastle.

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