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    Default In Tribute to My Ti-10

    My one season used shaft number 5684205 cone number 100857HK 3ug5 originally strung at 24lbs with a Bg-80 Ti-10 suffered from a chip right on the "O" last week when I doing half court drills swinging with a backhand and hit another girl's racket as she possibly tried to hit the birdie and didn't realize I was doing a backhand. It didn't look too bad, just looks like it was a cosmetic chip. A few days later on friday on the game where I challenge for my varsity #2 spot from varstiy #3 because I missed a challenge, I lost the first game. On the last point of the third game, I looked down and it was snapped exactly where the chip was. I borrowed a Genji, lost a point, then won.

    Today I'm going to win my game in Tribute to my Ti-10.

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    yikes, what a way to go, my condolences ...

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