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    Angry Wilson N-code N2??? anyone?

    Wilson N-code N2??? anyone try? and i 've been playing this for about two year.
    here's the problem.

    1. recently change to at900p, and didnt' feel well, becuase it' s way too slow compare to my wilson n2.

    2. slow swing--when smash, especially drive

    3. slow defense-when defending the smashes

    Question: anyone know any Yonex racket weight and ballance ab0ut the same as wilson ncode n2 racket?

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    AT900P is rather stiff, therefore, your timing might be screwed up when you 1st try it. If you want to give it another chance, then use it for another few weeks. If you already give up, I think AS7 or AS10 might be a better fit.

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