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    Default Request: Pics of LD during AE2008

    Dear BCers,

    I would like any photos you have of LD during AE2008. I actually want them not only because I'm a fan, but because I'm looking to emulate his hairstyle (and maybe his play too, hurrrrr).

    Also, I have a special request for a higher resolution of this photo:

    I know this was taken by a BCer, so if he could please show up and give me the original, I would be very appreciative!

    Thanks in advance.

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    u can search many photos of lin dan tro the AE 08 pictures thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by exalted View Post
    SvenH, that is an AWESOME picture. I'm pretty sure this picture was when CJ smashed and he brilliantly blocks it crosscourt, ne?

    Do you have a higher RES of this for us?
    SvenH is a professional photographer so I doubt he will give it away for free. Maybe he is even affiliated with and if so you could buy it there when they are finally up-to-date .
    (where the heck are those archives anyway?)

    If you want the pics just to do your hair you're better of checking the lin dan pics thread in the "professional players" thread.
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