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    Default Current M'sian contingent... a coaching circus?

    Let us refresh our memory. We had seen the M'sian Badminton Team in tourney represented by two contigents before. Unity wise, that's a disgrace. Results? No way near desired.

    To my amusement it's now turned into what I regard as; a coaching circus.
    Are some of those clowns really necessary or are they there just hoping to share a piece of the cake (a very remote case of the millions $$$ to be showered upon, if the team were to return glorious).

    So what are the advantages of having so many coaches? Guys, you tell me.
    Im my opinion it's just a case of "Too many cooks", and plain ridiculous.

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    we did cover this before. finally, we cant do anything to the system. at the end, thread closed. coaches more than players.......

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