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    Default looking for a new racquet

    Hey ya all badminton players out there. Iím just finished my first badminton season in my high school, though it may be the first I did very well for a beginner. I borrowed a Carlton Airblade 450 to play during the season. Itís a great racquet, especially since I restrung it at 21lbs and rewrapped the grip. But however at the end of season tournament, I broke the racquet with an overpowered smash. Yes I broke it; the shattered frame racquet is on top of my shelf for the memories and a reminder of the 20 bucks I have to pay my friend. So, long story short, Iím looking for a new badminton racquet, I been playing doubles this season and looking to move into singles, and I consider myself an offensive player. I tend to have very powerful shot (i.e. backhand from one end to the other end with out) so I need more control, do to my shape I donít tend to move much so Iím very depended on racquet a lot. After looking around I found following choices:
    Yonex MP-100
    Babolat Satelite Comet
    Carlton Kevlar Hi-T
    Any suggestion would be welcome, please suggest any other racquet if you think it might be suitable for me.

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    I sugguest having a browse in under the product / racket section. Over there you will be able to find thousands of replies from players world over about pretty much every single racket ever made.

    That way you can make your mind up which racket is best for you based on your style of play.



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