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    Default Regarding training

    Hey, last year I picked up badminton and played slightly competitively, i.e. just for a club in a competition (team vs. team with finals).

    This year, I've been going to State Trainings and had a goal of making the state team. However in the team, there is already 4 people that are better than me and with more experience. The nationals are played 4 vs. 4 so even if I make the team, I will be a solid benchwarmer .

    It costs roughly 2 grand (in American dollars) and I am just wondering if it's worth it if I make the team? What would you people do if you were under my situation?


    On a separate note, the coach put me to play with other potential state players today and I played like a joke. Haha~ My mixed doubles are quite lacking as well, so gotta play more of those~

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    my advice would be that you think deep down about your motivation and your abilities. Are the 4 persons way better than you so that even with extensive training you will *never* be able to reach them? Or are they just slightly better?

    About you, do you need to perfect some shots? In a game, mastering one additional shot can make a whole difference! I'll give you an example. I used to play with my older brother who was a B+ player while i was an intermediate recreational player. I was unable at that time to make base to base clears, so he would always clear to base, then wait for my weak return to smash at my face. When i learned to play base to base, he wasnt able to smash at me anymore.

    Now about your training. It can be long, sometime boring, but if you're serious about making the state team, you should train intensly, since it's off season. My advice here is to find fun ways to train so you dont get bored. What i like to do is to do weightlifting while watching TV...

    And run! try to incorporate running, even in small amount, wherever and whenever you can (like running instead of walking to go to the convenient store)... basically, if you are creative and dont mind to look like an idiot, you can train everywhere almost all the time doing anything (you could even train your side abs while sitted in the bus!)

    I dont know if that answers your question, i just felt for you since i am in the same situation, i'm training for my university team this september, and since i dont have a coach, i have to find myself ways to train physically and mentally...

    anyways good luck on your training!

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