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    Default beginners group?

    hello! I would like to start a friendly beginners group to play regulary on a weekday night. I just started learning and would like to practice with other beginners and meet some friends. please let me know if you're interested!

    I'd like to play at GGBC Emeryville

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    Default Reply to Gpuff

    Dear GPuff..

    You are in great luck because we just started our Badminton Summercamp training at G2 just yesterday. If you would still like to join you are able to do so at this point. Beginners group start at 10am to 12pm Monday to Thursdays for the next 3 weeks if you can make it. It's fun, great training and you get buddies to spar with and learn to improve to play a game hopefully in 3 weeks if you put some effort into it. We also have Camp 2 and Camp 3 registration still going on for the month of July and August. Please go to our website to check out the details at

    If you cannot make it to our training camp then when you get to GGBC find Phoebe and she will be happy to find some beginners to play with you! Please call her at G2, 510 655 8989. Hope to see you playing and improving at GGBC always!

    Regards, GG Kuan!

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