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    Default [NST NEWS]New sponsor for Super Series in the works

    New sponsor for Super Series in the works

    THE Badminton World Federation (BWF) is discussing with a potential new sponsor for the Super Series and is also looking at the possibility of introducing the hawk-eye technology for badminton in the near future.

    On the new sponsor for the Super Series, the federation is in the midst of discussions with a new sponsor after not being able to organise last year's Grand Final.

    The Grand Final was supposed to be held last December.

    BWF secretary general Stuart Borrie said a firm has shown interest to sponsor this year's remaining eight events and next year's 12 tournaments in the Super Series.

    "As for last year's Grand Final, the federation decided that it would not be organised. However, with a new title sponsor, the grand finals for this year and next year will be held as scheduled," Borrie told reporters at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta yesterday.

    On the proposal of introducing the hawk-eye technology, he said the federation is looking at it seriously.

    "We have had discussions with the holders of the rights of the hawk-eye during the All-England in March and conducted a feasibility study. We found that it was possible to implement it in badminton. We have accepted the system and working towards introducing it into the sport," he said.

    Borrie said the federation is also looking at putting aside resources to train line judges professionally.

    "We have currently implemented neutral line judges, umpires and referees in all events to ensure there's no conflict of interest between host countries and shuttlers," he said.

    Borrie also confirmed that a decision on which countries will host the 2010 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup will be made in a council meeting in Beijing, China in August.

    "What I can say now is that Malaysia is likely to host the Thomas Cup while two other countries have shown interest to host the Uber Cup.

    "We still need to speak to the BA of Malaysia (BAM) on logistics before awarding it to them officially." Borrie also said the BWF is looking into revamping the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup formats for the 2010 edition.

    "We are now studying the possibility of having a redraw for teams finishing second and third in the group stage for the second stage to eliminate the possibility of teams throwing their matches in the early stage," he added.

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    Interesting news that there's a firm who will become sponsor of all Super Series tournaments. Hawk-eye tech plus SS new sponsor, waiting its realization for badminton development.

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    This is great news. It's about time badminton caught up with the rest of the sports.

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