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    Quote Originally Posted by cooler View Post
    ya, don't waste time with trying other nylon shuttles (BK, carlton, etc).

    on the beef topic:
    kobe beef is promoted like gucci or lululemon products.
    To me, i don't eat anythng is 50%+ fat. Fat is cheap (free), why pay $100/lb for it?? Of course it melt in your mouth, so why not bite into butter, it's even more tender than kobe beef. I' am blessed with excellent Alberta beef over here, tender and juicy with only 1-2% fat and i get to taste 98-99% beef flavor. Even Japanese imports alot of US and Canadian beef annually.
    If you want saturated fat and trans fat, cooler should go for butter... Maybe the news hasn't reached Coolers high altitude that there are different kinds of fat (both bad and good), and that some types of fat is actaully a VERY good thing, especillay for us hardcore training nuts, and some of the old low-fat hysteria has been dispelled as myths and falsities by modern science..

    Wagyu beef contains a high perecntage of unstaturated fat.. If you want pure protein you should go for a protein shake instead of a canadian beef anyway

    "The wagyu cattle's genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids[1] than typical beef. The increased marbling also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats."

    But maybe cooler is stuck in the 80's low-fat diet trend :-)

    btw, top quality wagyu boasts 20-25 percent marbled fat.. So I don't know where your ridicilous +50% fat figures comes from...


    P.S. Sorry for being very off-topic here.... D.S.

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    Default no significant difference

    so is the real message of this entire thread that there isn't much difference between all the shuttles between 300 and 500? i get this feeling since you all had to weigh the shuttles just to find a difference... doesn't this mean that there is not any significant difference when playing with them on the court?

    considering the price differences between the different shuttles (around a dollar difference), should we just choose whatever costs the least?

    as for the beef, you get what you pay for regardless of the country the meat is from (Argentina, Japan, etc.) so it isn't a matter of origin

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    Default Yonex 350/500 Shuttles

    I no longer eat beef and I rarely ever use feather shuttles. Oh well times change. Perhaps the best shuttle is the one that enables the players to have the most fun. Most players enjoy having rallies that last a long time. To achieve this the shuttle should match the players skills.

    These are my recommendations;

    First time players and 80 yr. old guys - 4.6g-4.8g plastic shuttles with small dia. skirt BK 2000, HL nylon.

    Experienced beginner and low level intermediate players 50- 60 yrs. old - 4.9g- 5.0 g nylon Carlton F1, Hi Qua slow.

    Intermediate players age 40-50 - 5.1 g-5.2 g. nylon young fast kids 5.2g-5.3g nylon expert players can play well with either nylon or feathers. That is what makes them experts they can adapt to changing real life situations.

    I check the weight of all the shuttles and sort them into cans. This way I take the right speed shuttle for a particular groups skill level. I often find that both nylon and feathers are often mislabeled as to speed. Of course speed is only consistant if both the weight and skirt diameter are the same.

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