The atmosphere in Msia is that of stone silence and people

gathering in groups and placing bets on the outcomes of the

2002 Soccer World Cup.

I suppose you could hear sth abt badminton in the halls where the

fanatics gather, the rest are just reacting with cynicism.

Anyway trust Msia to break the monopoly of T Cp which is killing the sport

worldwide.I think the earlier gp match and Denmark's semi has exposed

the weaknesses and limited options of their rivals.Msia I guess is the next best


Look out for the following matches when videos flood N America/Europe in next few weeks :

1) Xia-Wong CH-spectacular moves and strokes.

2) Bao-Hafiz-Don't play hard, play smart

3) Jonassen- Marleve- Controlling net

4) Taufik-Boesen-Badminton like it was in the 50's and 60's.Sheer determination and will power vs skill and craft.