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Thread: Overgrip rolls

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    Default Overgrip rolls

    Ive been using wilson pro wrap over grip for a while now and its been great. Ive really had no complaints. Its tacky, good absorbtion, and good life. For the price, I find it one of the best. I got the roll of 12 or 13, 15 whatever they come in and have been griptastic times. Another friend of mine got the yonex overgrap and replaces his grip twice as frequently (and he paid more). My question is why does it seem they only make grip rolls in white? I know there are a number of rackets i wish i could just grip in black or whatever color. I would think it make sense to make a black roll.

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    Yonex also make the 30 roll pack in red and black. There are other brands that make it in purple-blue colour but i forgot the brand name.

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