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    Question Living in a another country.

    Are there any players in badminton that play for one country (nationality) but live in another? As in country of residence and citizenship are different. I know there are players who end up switching nationality all together, but can't think of any who just live elsewhere. I wonder if maybe because it is more of a "team" sport that they are the same?

    How would it work it work if they were different - would a player still have the same chance for competing? It seems that many games require applications sent in by the country of which the player is a citizen.

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    Default ^^I'm sure there are..^^

    ...a few but i think those players only train/compete/coach in another country, and then would go back & play for their own country of citizenship when they're needed..
    (ex. Candra Wijaya (JPN-INA), Rachel Hindley (MAS-NZL), some European players, some INA players?? other players??)..
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