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    Default Does ISO 800 tour hurt the arm?

    Hey guys,

    Last Friday, someone lent me her ISO 800 tour to play. It is a nice racket with power however it is a little bit heavy. I felt my right front arm sore after the fifteen minutes warm up. The sore sustained for an hour play. This was my second time coming back to play badminton. The first time (two weeks ago, two hours play) was worse, almost all parts of my body were in pain but not only my arm. I am a recreational player and don’t like to play hard. I guess I am not a wrist player too. I still feel little pain on my arm but much better. I just wonder that is a normal status or I am not correctly to use the ISO 800 tour. Any idea?

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    Default RE: Does ISO 800 tour hurt the arm?


    what racket do you use regularly? assuming you are using the 2U version, iso800 is a "regular" weight racket, and tend to be a little bit head heavy, but since everything is relative, if you''ve been using a ultra-light weight racket, it will feel heavy...

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    Default RE: Does ISO 800 tour hurt the arm?

    I think you're using too much arm to hit the bird. I've been using iso 800 all along...and it's not a bit sore. Try stretching before and after play, that might help!

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    Default RE: Does ISO 800 tour hurt the arm?


    I used to use either a 3L (b-8100) or a U (cab8) racket. Well, I don't feel there are the big difference in the weight between those rackets and ISO 800. Maybe I used to play tennis....

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    Default RE: Does ISO 800 tour hurt the arm?

    This is not so uncommon. Especially after a break in paying, or when changing racquet model etc, you can experience some pain. I wouldn't worry too much, unless it gets really bad -- then you should maybe see a physiotherapist.

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