4 MD-exercises. Main goal is to get the girl forward and being aggressive at the net.
1. When boy is serving in right side, and making a high serve, the couple switches places. In that way the girl is receiving a cross-smash. When the opposite couple returns with a clear in the right side of the court (forehand for boy-Right-handed) The girl stays in front so the boy can receive the clear. He now covers all long line strokes and the cross-clear, that gives a very offensive girl at the net.
2. When the girl is serving, and making a high serve, she often gets a long return. If the returning shuttle is just a little short she makes a steep play to the net and seeks the net at once. Her boy now covers the back-court.
3. If the MD is playing a rally where the strokes are flat, it's important for the girl to seek the net when the chance is good. The girl makes a short play, often to the center of the court, and moves forward to be aggressive at the net. That gives a lift 9 out of 10 times.
4. Offensive vs. defensive. The girl is moving along with the offensive play from her boy. Never standing still. If he makes a play to the net, she's moving towards the net, and turning side against the shuttle. If he makes a smash she stays back with high racket so she able to intercept a flat and hard return, possible a flat cross-return. In defensive: All 4 players have to stand with front towards the shuttle. That gives the right starting-position for receiving any strokes.