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    Default Marriage Registration in Scotland

    I want to ask if anyone can help on this.

    I got a friend who studied in Scotland and stayed there for 1 year. After he failed to continue his study due to failed in exam.

    Last week he came back from Scotland and told us that he's already married in Scotland.

    Question: Can a Malaysian (wife also malaysian) registered his marriage in Scotland (Christian Church)? (He and his wife is Buddhist)

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    Could be true. Carolina Klüft got married to her Swedish boyfriend in Scotland as well. Strangely and funnily enough her boyfriend took on her last name (but that's old news already I got reminded of earlier this week).

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    I don't know the exact rules for foreigners getting married in the UK. There are slightly different rules for England & Wales and scotland. A quick search led me to believe the only condition seems to be giving 21 days notice and having documentation proving you are free to marry.

    Scotland is most famous (in relation to weddings at least) for Gretna Green, which is a place on the Border between England and Wales where people "elope" to get married. It was made famous as a long time ago England and Scotland had different limitation on ages and consents from parents about getting married. Scotland was less restrictive, so yound people used to run away (elope) to gretna on the border to get married in Scotland.

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