I have been receiving too many emails, text messages, phone calls, private conversations, etc, etc, ...... (in hundreds), asking me if they can participate in our CCC Badminton Club activities.

We shall start this thread (so that we can send it to them as a link) informing them : "Yes, You can".

Typical questions asked are :
* Tell me what is involved at your CCC Sunday Morning Coaching and Training Sessions.
* Can you let me know if your club welcomes me to play at one of your CCC Wednesday Night Social Sessions?
* What is the level of play at CCC Badminton Club?
* Can I come as a visitor (not a member)?
* How many games do I get?
* What are the costs/fees?
* Do CCCers participate in tournaments/competitions?
* etc, etc, ......

Here are some answers that I have replied :
* We welcome all BCers to participate in our CCC sessions (no matter how strong or weak you are).

* For info about our Sunday Morning CCC CATS (Coaching And Training Sessions), click on this link :

* For info about our Wednesday Night CCC Social Games, click on this link :

* For info about our Doubles Competition league team, click on this link :

* For info about our Singles Competition league team, click on this link :

* Regarding info about fees (for CCC sessions every Sunday and Wednesday), click on this link :

* Regarding info about fees for playing at competition/league, you will need to talk to our team captains. Fees charged are based on how the league organiser is charging, and based on how many matches you will/have participated in.

Our most important message to players is - CCC Badminton Club is based at BadmintonCentral; Therefore it is best for all intending players to register yourselves at BadmintonCentral, and post your messages/questions there. Why? Because most CCCers can answer your question(s) (not just me).

CCCers wish to have our communication to be as transparent as possible, as mentioned in this link :