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    Default Yonex Ti10 with additional grip

    Recently I add an additional grip on top of the original one and I realise that the
    Centre of gravity change and the racquet don't feel as heavy as before, thus I aam able to move the racauet faster, what perturbed me is will the smahing power reduced, care to share, incidentally what is a wrist ball and where to get it in S'pore, as I was thinking of stretenging my wrist power also

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    Default RE: Yonex Ti10 with additional grip

    Get a squash racquet. Swing it like a badminton racquet doing drives. Do this in forehand and backhand grip and every night. Your forearm will get stronger. Other shots apart from the smash will improve...................................well, should do!

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    Default point of contact

    Hi lim,

    the thicker grip also contribute to your feeling. generally, when the grip is thicker, the contact surface is larger, the racket will feel lighter in comparison due to lower pressure (pressure = weight/area)


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