Hi, new member here. I've been reading this forum in a while and decided to register so I can get your professional opinion and help. At first I thought I knew what shoes I wanted until I had the chance to properly test general indoor shoes at a local shop. I have never worn such thing before. A bit disappointed I walked out, saving my cash, and came here to ask what is the difference between tennis, badminton, and table tennis shoes!?

To make it easier here is what I'm planning on using them for. I want shoes that I can play table tennis and also do competition driving. I prefer them if they are light, feel the ground to a certain extend, have good support, and most importantly flexible.

The problem I had was, I liked a few models such as Asics Blade 2 and Hi-Tec 4 Sys but they are not available to try in the shops. I went anyway and saw some normal white indoor shoes and the sole was so stiff you can't even bend them. Is this normal? What is the difference between tennis, badminton, table tennis shoes? I think I might need flexible grip shoes but would table tennis be any different? So far I've had my eyes on

Butterfly Radial EL
Buttefly Energy Force 3
Adidas TTanglin
Mizuno Wave Flick

Neither of this shoes have bee discussed here before and to be honest they are not best looking compared to badminton versions. I watched couple of videos online and saw badminton involves a little bit of jumping compared to table tennis.
Would this be enough to tell me some general indoor shoes information?