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he said, why are you buying Ashaway (US Strings) from Asia?" .... he assume that the strings were fake.
If that's the case, we should never drink Coke if we travel in Asia, as it's definitely US brand. The thing is, many US (or others) brands are re-packaged in Asia, which costs much less in labor and facility, therefore, the final price is much cheaper.

I remember quite a few years ago, my friend bought a copy of Star Carft when he was travelling in CHN. Yes, it's a legit copy, as it was issued by 1 of the most famous companies from CHN. I don't think they are willing to get themselves in trouble, by selling illege CDs in 1 of the most well known shopping mall. They simply obtained the copy rights from blizzard, and make the CD and re-pack and sell in Asian market. The package is obviously different, but it's a legit copy.