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    Default string tension for pro-ace

    how hard the string for pro-ace Ti-9 can up to? using BG66 and BG65 wat is the different if the string is set to a same tension with the same racket? any comment? due i not use before BG65. As well as where can i get NBG98 and BG66sharp at eastern Malaysia?

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    I would imagine that the racket will be able to take higher tensions than you. Anything up to 28-30 Lbs should be safe on almost all reasonably modern rackets. You'd probably be fine to go higher than that, but I don't see why you'd want to and you'd need a good stringer.

    The difference between tensions is quite profound. If you're a powerful player, you'll be able to generate more power at higher tensions, as well as more control. This is why pros string at such high tensions. If you're not powerful and play at high tensions, you may gain a little bit of control, but you won't be able to make the strings move so you'll get little power and may hurt yourself. If you're not powerful, chances are, you'll be better off at lower tensions as they'll repulse easier and won't hurt you when you try and hit big shots.

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