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    Default is playing a iso racquet which have smaller sweetspot the same as playing......

    player said that oval head shape racquets have smaller sweetspot so my question is, playing a iso racquet(example yonex mp 100) which have smaller sweetspot is it the same as playing a oval shape racquet?
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    Exclamation A Short Note

    Gold-, you have created a total of 35 threads so far
    Almost every one of them is on a general racquet feature.

    Three aspects stand out:

    1. You have a remarkable dislike for the free Search function

    2. You ask a question, then move on and don't return to it
    (In case you're foggy on this, here's one of over 30 examples)

    3. Most of your threads haven't had a single response.
    (It will be worth your time to consider why that is so.)

    This hit-and-run activity isn't helping anyone, much less you.

    Please use the Search function before you come up with questions similar to 'why stiff shafts are stiffer than flexible shafts'.

    This thread is closed.

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