I tried my new pair of these out this evening having previously used a pair of Asics. On a positive note I find them fantastically supportive, very comfortable and very light. A downside for me, and something I'm looking for some feedback on, is that twice tonight when using the toe of the shoe for grip it wasn't there and I slipped (second time I landed quite uncomfortably and painfully).

I was playing on a varnished wooden floor which has never given me any grip problems before. With the Asics I would have certainly expected the shoes to hold and not slip. After I slipped the first time I reasoned it was due to the shoes being new, so I took them off and rubbed down the fronts on a wall exposing the rougher rubber underneath, but as mentioned above this didn't work.

Has anyone had a similar experience, or would anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to have confidence in the shoes as I've seen the damage awkward twists/slips etc. can do.