They're having a laugh, aren't they?
l don't have cable or interactive TV, so l'm at the mercy of terrestrial broadcasters. They've obviously decided that it's "The Commonwealth - Athletics and then all the other (including Badminton) crappy sports - Games". So you end up watching or recording four hours of TV in the vain hope that you might end up with twenty minutes of coverage. And it's definitely worth the wait! As you get Sue, or Hazel, or John telling you that "They won the first two tight sets, then the opposition came roaring back to take the next two and square the match. So we join it in the final game at match point!" Wow! What continuity! What flow!
Why do they bother patronising us? l would like to enquire as to how many 3000 metre runners you know? And how many Badminton players? Why isn't a sport's popularity and participation reflected in its coverage?
Anyway, l'm not really looking for answers or expecting them to change their broadcasting policy, l just wanted to sound off!

Best Wishes