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    Default Coventry coaching

    Hi, im currently on the exec of warwick university badminton club and we were thinking of getting a coach for a session (2 hours) for players of advanced ability ~midlands conference 2 (our 3rd team) and lower (to include club players). I was just wondering what level of coaching is required for this i.e. is level 2 sufficient for this level of player and also what would be a reasonable cost for a group (probably as large as possible) no more than 12. I understand that some coaches only take groups of up to 6.

    If anyone is a coach and would be interested im more than happy to pass on some information. I have never personnally been coached and I am very much looking forward to the prospect.


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    Hi Peter,
    By remarkable coincidence I was in this morning talking about the exact same thing with Lisa !
    I am a BE Level2 Coach, currently coaching Warks County U15, and adults on group and 1 to 1 basis. I'm very interested in getting involved with the University club, and would happily meet up to discuss further, if you are still looking.
    My email is in my profile, I'll message you my mobile number.

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