Hi all,

I am originally from Penang but now stay mostly in China and I love the game of Badminton. Well, i think i am an intermediate player.

My cousins and friends are either busy working or given up on the sport already. So each time I come back to Malaysia, I have no kaki to play with. Usually I prefer to play on Mon-Fri (in Selangor / KL) and Fri-Sat-Sun (in Penang) also can... sometimes very geram because cannot arrange people and place because not enough kaki. In Penang, usually play at YMCA or Permata.

Anybody can allow me to play together? Female or Male also no problem. I come back 3 - 4 times a year back to Malaysia. Can PM me or email me at decipherz442@yahoo.com

I stay at Seksyen 22 PJ. But I do not know PJ very well because I am from Penang. Maybe I can belanja you makan if you bring me there?

Next time back is in March 2009. So after CNY must exercise to lose weight