It have been mentioned in the news that the current Sudirman Cup format could be replaced by a new one after 2009 to allow more teams to be able to compete for the champion.

The current format consists of 6 divisions, which maybe are too many; the opposite of that is a competition without division, which maybe means too many teams in contention, and making the weaker teams have no chance of meaningful competion, and they have no room to make progress.

The following is my suggestion: All teams divided into 3 divisions. The top two divisions (A & B) contain 16 teams each, which are further divided into 4 groups. The other lower ranked teams fall into the division C. Top two teams in every group in div A qualify for quarter finals, while the bottom one relegated to the div B. Group winners of lower divisions are promoted to upper division.

BTW, I think the size of Thomas and Uber Cup should be expanded to 16 teams each, giving America 2 seats (1 for Latin Ame), Europe 5, Asia 7, so that more teams in these areas have a chance to break into the competition rather than the same teams show up every year.

So, what do you think about these tournament formats?