I'm currently using Gosen 900 Ti for doubles together with my Carb @1 sp. Bought both racquets on the month of August 2002 with pricing are as follow:

a) Gosen 900 TI = RM180.00
b) Carbonex 21 sp = 215.00
* both racquets price c/w free grip and free strings

I've strunged my Carb with Yonex Titanium String (tensyion 23) and My Gosen with GS 88 string (tensyion 24)

Finally... my judgemet are as below:

1) Gosen is lighter than Carb 21 sp, thus it is good for a player with a "not so good' wrist movement
2) Carb 21 sp has a better sweet spot and more smashing power
3) Gosen is "quite breakable" if clashed with other racquets due to its light shaft
4) Gosen has a good impact in making a backhand movement (due to its weight)