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    Question Carlton VAPOUR EXTREME TOUR

    I bought a new Racket two weeks ago and I played 5 times in between and I'm feeling very well with this racket BUT I think i'm not good enough to get all out of it.
    I bought the Carlton VAPOUR EXTREME TOUR due to his head-weight and for the reason that the shop guy explained me that this racket is for Hard-Hitter,
    from my point of view and in comparison to my opponents that I play against I'm a Hard-Hitter.
    Now I saw again a match between some semi-Pros and I think they hit the Shuttlecock much harder than me due to that the sound that there rackets create by hitting is much different that mine.
    Did I bought a wrong racket or is it a good one?

    Thanks for your Help

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    As long as you feel well using it, it doesn't matter wheter you get the full potential out of it. Better players will get more out of any racket. That doesn't mean you can't play it...

    If your smashes are less powerful and your clears cost more effort, so if your play suffers from it, it is not a good choice and your not ready for it yet. If you find yourself playing more powerfull, keep it. It is not a bad thing to have a racket you have to grow into.

    Head weight doesn't say a thing in this matter. There are headlight, headheavy and balanced racket for player of every level from beginner to pro. Flexibility can. If your racket is to stiff and you lack power, you won't get enough out of the racket. But I think yours is mid-flex so that shouldnt be the problem.

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