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    Default Tounament infomation in Japan


    If you have a infomation of local badminton tounament in Japan, don't we write about the details here?

    I think many touanament is held in Japan. But difficult to find infomation for it.

    In almost tounament, looser become a umpire and Winner become a line-judge for a next match on the same court.

    If you participate a tounament, you need to know how to write Judge paper.

    If you cancel the tounament after having applied, you need to pay the tounament fee. you had better to pay the fee when you have applied.

    When you join a badminton tounament, you can see many players as same as your level. Some of them may know a better club for you.
    Almost players join a few badminton club. So exchange infomation with your oponents after match.

    Have fun!

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    Where and when? Any tournament on the 10th weekend?

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